When it comes to planning your wedding, the entertainment you select for your reception can make or break your guests enjoyment.  While a live band may be impressive looking and they might even be outstanding performers, they still will have a limited selection of songs and are much more expensive.  A DJ doesn't have to take 15 minute breaks and plays the original versions of the songs that everyone knows.  In the overall scheme of your Wedding Day, the DJ's fee is a very small part of the overall price yet nothing can affect the total outcome of the day like the party portion and the music provided by the DJ.


The DJ you select has to be flexible, outgoing and able to competently "scan" the crowd and determine which music is going to fit. We take great pleasure in being able to "read" a crowd thereby playing a selection that is enjoyed by the majority of your guests.  The DJ also has to be able to meet your needs and be willing to adhere to the rules you set forth as well as respecting the limits you place on the types of music he plays plus has to capably deal with unrelenting attendees to make sure their musical selections don't eclipse everyone else's or the wishes of the wedding party.  Now, we know that no one  will  like every song played but a good mix of songs will go a long way in making it an marvelous evening for all concerned.


We pride ourselves in working closely with the wedding party to ensure we have your favorite songs on hand.  During our initial meeting your DJ will ask you for the type of music you want to be played, any types you want to avoid and a list of songs you definitely want played for specific events or during the open dancing period.  We will strive to have all your requests available for your reception, however if the song is difficult to find or out of print we may not be able to acquire it in time for your event.  Please take that into consideration when you request a song and be prepared with an alternate should we be unable to locate your request in time for your event.