About Us

Welcome to DJ Avery Entertainment!  With over 32 years of DJ experience, DJ Avery is the consummate professional who is dedicated to making your wedding reception, school dance, birthday party, private party or other event something special.  As my services became more and more requested, I saw a need to add additional DJ's to help meet the demands of my customers.  Unlike the big, impersonal agencies, I am VERY choosy about whom I will associate with.  All the DJ's available through me have been thoroughly screened by me to ensure they have the same "customer focus" and reliability as I do.  I also ensure they have the ability to "read" their crowds and play the appropriate music.  No other agents or agencies can say that about their DJ's.  Most will hire any "warm body" and hope that they will work out.  Not here.  We are all concerned about making your event/party a most memorable occasion! 


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will consider us for all your entertainment needs.


Avery Wright

DJ Avery Entertainment