School Dances

Your school dance is a very important part of the social activities for the students.  For most schools, it is also a fundraising opportunity as well as being a school sponsored social event.  It should be a fun atmosphere that is age appropriate.  A DJ that doesn't listen to the students requests, doesn't listen to the limitations set down by the staff or plays music that is inappropriate for the age group will make the event miserable for all.


Additionally, students won't want to come to any future dances or the staff will not want to work any of the future dances. Without student or faculty support, your school dances will fade away and an opportunity to interact with other students in a fun and constructive way will be lost.


Our DJ's will work closely with you to ensure an age appropriate mix of songs while adhering to the standards and limitations you set for your school dance.  Give us a call or email Avery so we can work together to put on an event that is fun and will have your students waiting anxiously for the next dance.