Birthdays are such a special occasion and we will be sure to make that special person feel truly loved and appreciated at their celebration by focusing positive attention on them.  Our music ranges from the 50's & 60s to the latest hits making it possible for you to choose music that would best augment your party.  I will also take requests the entire time, ever mindful of your wishes.  Not all parties are the same, this is where our experience counts.  The music styles may change from one party to another and that is why you have full control over the music that is played at your function.  Your DJ will coordinate with you on your musical preferences prior to the function allowing you to select the music or musical genre in advance.

Other Parties

Having a graduation party, pool party, promotion party or some other celebration?   A DJ is a welcome addition as well as an economical choice for entertainment.   Give us a call or e-mail Avery so we can work together to make your event something special.